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Bohemme is a brand associated with a type/kind of woman with iconic qualities.

The Bohemme Woman is free and  independent, is a smart, confident and feminine woman who appreciates design and the best quality materials; she looks for a piece of jewelry that defines her, a jewel that speaks for itself.

She is a modern and original woman without insecurities who values and bets for exclusive quality products.

Our desire for creating unique pieces for unique women has created a new work line: Bohemme Woman.

This line comes out from our eagerness to find that working yet elegant woman who feels about her career the same way Bohemme feels with the creation of its jewels.

A woman who is passionate about her job, in a way that life and work entirely merge.

A real woman, the one and only Bohemme Woman.



Clémence Faivre is the international character selected to be the imagen of the new collection “Soul”, the most BOHEMME collection of all. Clémence represents the iconic woman of BOHEMME. A strong, vital woman with a character of her own.

Clémence has revolutionized the world of the horse. From Paris she came to Spain in love with our horses and learned to tame them in a different way from the rest. In a world dominated by men, Clémence has transformed the dressage of the horse based on technique and sensitivity, has created an exceptional spectacle full of beauty, which walks around the world, showing a complicity between man/horse before never seen.


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